Property Damage Waiver

Enjoy peace-of-mind with our Accidental Damage protection.

SkyRun includes a property damage waiver with your reservation. The damage waiver covers damage to the property up to $1,500 so long as the damage is accidental and reported to SkyRun prior to your departure. It does not cover damage that is willful, the result of negligence, or damage caused by the misuse of household items. It also does not cover unreported damage. SkyRun does not charge guests a refundable damage deposit, due to the damage waiver protection. The damage waiver protection is nonrefundable.

If during your rental of our property, you damage the real or personal property assigned to that property, SkyRun will cover the cost of repairs or the cost to replace the property up to an amount not to exceed $1,500. Should the cost of the damage exceed $1,500 or does not meet the criteria for a “covered loss”,  then you shall be responsible for the full amount of the damage which will be charged to the credit card on file.  Coverage is provided to you and all travelling companions that are staying in the home overnight during your stay.

Coverage is not provided for damage or loss due to:
  • Your intentional acts or gross negligence.
  • Any damage that occurs if you are in violation of the terms and conditions (including but not limited to having more than maximum occupancy or having a party).
  • Loss, theft or damage to any personal effects owned by you or brought on the covered stay by you.
  • Loss, theft or damage caused by any person other than you or your traveling companions. 
  • Loss or damage to garages, garage doors, openers (either common parking garage or private garage).  
Your Duties in the Event of Damage. You must: 
  • Take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the property and prevent further damage to it.
  • Report the loss in writing (email ok) prior to check-out to the SkyRun staff.
  • Provide us documentation such as pictures to substantiate the claim.

SkyRun Copper

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